If your child is hurt while in the care of a New Jersey daycare, do you have legal recourse?

If a kid is hurt at a daycare and the injury was caused by the center’s carelessness, the child’s parents may be able to file a lawsuit on their behalf. If a daycare’s workers don’t provide adequately safe conditions for the children in their care, that’s irresponsible behavior. Children were not provided with adequate care in the following instances:

  • Lack of proper adult supervision of the kids playing outside
  • Students are not being properly monitored throughout classroom activities.
  • Children are not being given enough time to eat
  • Failure to provide the youngsters with appropriate hydration
  • Lack of proper cleaning or routine checks of daycare equipment
  • The dangers of toxic cleaning products in the classroom and the dangers of choking hazards.

A parent may legally sue a daycare in New Jersey for an injured kid if any of the aforementioned situations caused the injury. Get all your questions about personal injury  answered without hesitance by consulting with a certified lawyer.

What If a Child Was Injured Due to the Negligence of a Daycare Employee?

A number of news reports have been coming out recently describing instances in which childcare workers have abused children. A youngster was allegedly tossed across the room by a daycare worker and struck her head on a piece of furniture, as depicted in a video that was leaked. Your child may file a New Jersey intentional injury lawsuit against a daycare worker who hits, tosses, kicks, or otherwise intentionally injures your child.

It may be difficult to sue a daycare in New Jersey for these injuries unless evidence can be provided that the daycare knew about the abuse but did nothing to stop it, or the daycare failed to perform a background check on the employee, which would have revealed the employee was abusive or violent toward others.

Can I sue the daycare if my child is injured while in its care despite signing a release agreeing to hold them harmless?

Even if parents sign a release of liability holding the daycare harmless for any injuries their kid may experience while in its care, they may still be entitled to sue for their child’s injuries if those injuries are the product of the daycare’s negligence.


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